The Daily Drawing is a silly project.

First Daily Drawing
The first Daily Drawing

On Wednesday June 12, 2013, I poured myself a glass of wine, sat down to draw, and decided to not stop for a year.

Well, not continuously all day and night, but at least once a day for a year. I told myself the drawings could be small, something I could finish in a few minutes. With this caveat, I was able to keep it up for consecutive days,* long enough for it to become a kind of habit.

Over time my drawings became more detailed and humorous. With the encouragement of friends, I gathered the best of the best and submitted them to the cartoon syndicates, crossing my fingers but not expecting much. To my great delight, UClick offered me placement on their GoComics website. Whoopee!

As of January 2015, I’m up to over 500 drawings. I usually draw whatever my brain comes up with the moment I sit down with pencil and paper, which can be wildly different than The Daily Drawing comic. But more often than not, the drawings have some element of humor. I can’t stop – I love to be ridiculous. So I continue to make random art plus cartoons for GoComics and wonder where else this crazy project will take me.

I hope you enjoy the nonsense. Thanks for stopping by!

– Lorie

*Except for that 2 week hiatus during a trip to Europe right after I started the project. I blame jet lag and beer.